Maximum Exposure Propertie

"Prior to starting my own company, I managed an REO brokerage that closed 652 REO properties in 2008. I quickly learned how vital it was to hire competent and trustworthy contractors, because the brokerage's sucess was linked to how well property preservation and repairs were being performed. Literally it could make or break a company: both financially and by reputation. Therefore, I was determined to find the best property preservation company for my brokerage. I firmly believe the MGA Services is such a company. The systems that they have in place keeps me "in the loop" at all times, so that I can provide weekly status updates to my client companies. From bidding process, to taking before/after pics, to completing the job right the first time, I couldn't be more pleased. Turn times average 72 hrs. Additionally, providing me with suggested repairs by the company foreman, gives me the information I need to determine list price/seller's net when valuing the property's As Is or After Repairs condition. I would highly recommend MGA Services to anyone who is serious about brokering REO properties and understands how important this vital component is to a sucessful business module."

- Lorraine M.

NRT REO Experts

"MGA was been an excellent partner in our efforts to contain costs while we improve assets. Their always competitive bids and excellent customer service make them the choice of top asset managers around the US."

- Charlie B.

Chrisley Asset Management

"Eric Fong is a pleasure to work with. He is always prompt and available to answer any question or direct my emails/questions to the appropriate person. "

- Rasheeda S.

Chrisley Asset Management

"It is a pleasure to work with Nadene Bolin and Samantha Ramos, Project Coordinators. They are both very prompt about their responses. They do not only give you what you are looking for but also supply you with additional information that can be important to the tasks at hand. I know I can count on them. "

- Alexander S.

Re/Max Olson & Associates

"MGA has consistently proven that they can provide repair/maintenance service above expectations and meet all type of client needs. At times, unrealistic timeframes are required and MGA is always up to the challenge. My service depends on the quality and timeliness of their service and I thank them for being part of my team."

- Bob S.

Equity Pointe Asset Services

"The quality of work, effort, and personnel at MGA flooring is phenomenal. They have a great team of flooring experts that know the industry and are quick to get the job done!"

- Michael G.

Integrated Asset Services

"I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with the way the bid, the job, and the final product came out and was handled. With a job this size something is bound to be missed or need a little fix but I just received the photos from the agent and this home looks outstanding! Thank you for going above and beyond!"

- Jenn F.

Oakmont Real Estate Services, INC

"MGA and their entire staff is always so accomodating and always on top of things! You make the appointments, schedule the bids, meetings with City inspectors, and you don't have to give it another thought! Their contractors know all about city requirements, no matter what city the property happens to be, therefore, eliminating any surprises. Everyone at MGA does their job and does it right the first time! The employees and contractors are always so pleasant and courteous when you call them, no matter who picks up the phone or who you're working with at the time. Extremely reliable! I'm very lucky to have a company like MGA to help me with all my contracting needs!"

- Susan B.

Prudential California Reality

"As an REO service provider, MGA SERVICES consistently maintains a high level of excellence. Their timely responsiveness, quality of workmanship and professional demeanor make this aspect of our business worry-free."

- Barbie M./Bruce G.

Phoenix Asset Management

"MGA has fast response times, perform quality work, and are very easy to work with!"

- Jaysen G.

Phoenix Asset Management

"I have always had great response times from Nadene and Eric. MGA is great at tackling problems and getting the jobs done on time with quality work. The whole team is a pleasure to work with!"

- Jaysen G.

Pinnacle Estate Prope

"I have been a Real Estate agent for the last 25 years and I can honestly say the MGA Services are professional & prompt to all my clients needs. They provide amazing customer care services, they offer very competitive pricing and MOST important they care about about YOU, the client. MGA Services stands 100% behind their work & products. "

- Raquel M.

Asset Manager NDS

"I wouldn’t use anyone else but MGA, they are a top notch organization and a pleasure to work with."

- Brad G.

Jean P.

"Julie Lopez-Diaz is a pleasure to work with. She is always on top of her game. She is a ray of sunshine on my cloudy day!"

- Re/Max Olson & Associates

Robert S.

"As an Asset Manager setting up a strategy to repair a property, we are continuously challenged to find the balance between quick turnaround time and quality work. Any vendor that can manage both is always going to get our business. Michael Anz and his team at MGA are hands down the best in the industry. Their understanding of the importance of time management and quality product to our business is reflected in the way they handle each asset as if it were the only property being serviced. From the initial bid to the final execution, MGA never fails to deliver. No excuses and always accessible, MGA takes the worries out of repairs and makes our workload easier, which is every Asset Manager’s dream."

- Asset Manager - National Default Servicing